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Virtual Event Production

As we consider the digital, virtual space for our events, one question that comes up is event production. How important is it? Is it necessary? We can save a lot of money by cutting costs there right? Well…it depends.

  • Do You Need Event Production?
    • Our answer is yes. You want your speakers to have proper lighting, good sound quality, distraction-less backgrounds. Online your event will live or die on how well-produced your event is. Especially since there are a host of free events online that are well designed and produced.
  • What Are the Key Components of Event Production?
    • The basics are lighting, sound, background. We’re not talking about event tech or streaming in this post. We’ll cover those things in other posts.
      1. Great Lighting. You want your speakers/presenters to have soft, diffused light on their faces. This way your attendees know where to focus and can see what they should be focused on. We’re currently testing a few out and will let you know which is our favorite.
      2. Sound. The last thing you want is an amazing presenter/speaker that you can’t hear. If they don’t have an external mic, we would recommend that you have in your budget the ability to purchase them one. If that’s not feasible for your event budget, that needs to be part of their list of tech needed. Our current favorite is Audio-Technica ATR2100x. Best part is that it connects via USB and has its own stand. You don’t want your speakers/presenters to hold their mics.
      3. Background. The best way to eliminate distractions is to have a green screen. An actual green screen. You can order a variety from Amazon, from collapsible stands to ones that attach to your chair. We recently ordered the Webaround Portable Webcam Background. We’re excited to try it and will report back on how it works.
  • Cut Budgets?
    • Cutting early in the planning stage can do more harm than good. Do your research first. Don’t assume. This event is telling a story to potential clients, attendees, sponsors, vendors. So this is not the time to skim on the details.

And we’re here to help. Send us an email with any questions you may have.

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