January 17, 2023


Let me officially welcome you to the new year!! And I hope it has been a fantastic start to the new year especially if last year was a struggle and a bear.

If you’re like me, you love the new year. And look at it as an opportunity to reset. However, I know that some of you may not feel that way. You may have seen the new year as another day, just like any other day, so what’s the big deal?

Whether it’s a big deal is determined by your perspective.

Throughout last year I talked a lot about mindset and having the right perspective. Because I learned how important your mindset is to your success. But what I didn’t talk about as much was the how. Mostly because I was still in the throes of learning the hows myself.

Now that I have those tools and the success to back them up, I wanted to share them with you. So, let’s accomplish your goals this year.

The three things you are going to need are to

  1. Create a right mindset
  2. Write down your goals and review
  3. Be accountable

You may have rolled your eyes at the simplicity of these three tools, thinking seriously, that’s it. Yes, that’s it. This may be nothing new to you and you most likely have heard these before but what made it effective for me this time were the hows for each.

3 tips to accomplish your 2023 goals. Tip 1 ~ Create a right mindset

Create a Right Mindset

Last year I learned that my actual boss of what I do day to day is my subconscious mind. Therefore, if I want to make a long-term change, I have to get that desire into my subconscious. The only problem is it doesn’t understand words. Only images, emotions, and feelings.

Which is why tools like vision boards are so powerful. They help you visualize what those goals look like. So, if you’ve been doing that, keep going. I created my board using a digital app called My Vision Board, so I could have it on my phone.

What was different this past year is that as I was creating the board I also thought of the emotions that I would feel when I accomplished each goal. What that did was connect to my subconscious even more. Because now I had powerful feelings of joy, excitement, happiness, and awe attached to each image. And those emotions propelled me forward to want to accomplish them so I could get the post winning feels.

Takeaway ~ as you are creating your images (whether in your mind or via a tool like a vision board), also imagine what you will feel when you accomplish each goal.

3 tips to accomplish your goals in 2023 ~ tip 2 ~ write down your goals and review

Write them down and review

I don’t like to write things down, especially on paper. I’ve forgotten what paper even looks like. So when I was challenged by my business coach to write down my goals, I balked like a 3-year who was being forced to eat green peas before they can have their dessert. Basically, I wasn’t having it.

I honestly don’t know what changed my mind, but finally, I was convinced to write them down on “paper” i.e. WORD doc. When I did that, it was amazing. I was no longer worried about forgetting anything or how far progress I made. I had it all on paper.

What I did was I

  1. Took my main goal and I broke them down into the steps needed to accomplish the goal
  2. I added due dates to each step
  3. Then added each item to my calendar as a to-do on their due date
  4. Each day I reviewed my calendar for what I needed to do that day
    1. I also did a weekly and monthly check to see how far I had come in accomplishing the overall goal.

By having it all written down I was no longer dependent on my mind to remember it all. Why I thought that was a good idea in the first place… Once my mind was clear of to-dos it created space for my mind to dream, think, and solve problems.

Takeaway ~ write down your goals, break them down into bite-sized pieces, add a due date to each piece, add them to your to-do list, and review regularly what your status is to completion.

3 tips to accomplish your 2023 goals ~ tip 3 ~ Be accountable

Be Accountable

If you’ve been tracking with me, you visualized your goals, felt the emotions of accomplishing them, written them down, and broken them into bite-size pieces that are accomplishable with their respective due dates.

The last thing you want to do is tell someone. It can be one person, a group, or a business coach. Tell someone. And be accountable to them. Meaning giving them periodic updates on how far you’ve come in accomplishing your goal.

I have an accountability partner, group, and coach. That’s probably overkill but I need all the support I can get. You may not need as much support as I but you do need at least one.

For example with my accountability partner, I let them know what I’m going to accomplish that day in the morning. Then in the evening, I give a report of whether I did those items or not.

That’s it.

They don’t come back to me unless it’s to encourage me along or answer a question if I ask. However, that simple daily act forced me to examine how I was using my time. Whether it was productive or not. And if I went days (sometimes weeks) saying I would do something but didn’t, I started getting annoyed with myself. Which motivated me to start doing what I said I was going to do.

There it is.

The three steps I took to turn my resolutions/goals/objectives/whatever you call them from dreams to reality ~

  1. Creating a right mindset
  2. Writing down goals and reviewing them regularly
  3. Being accountable

I challenge you to do these three steps this year. If you want someone to hold you accountable, I have several recommendations. Or you can email me. But do this and you will accomplish your resolutions/goals/objectives for 2023.

And remember, I believe in you and I’m rooting for you. Here’s to an extraordinary year filled with results beyond our imaging!

Until next time ~