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Zoom Basics+

2020 forced the world into the online space with no warning, training, or care. And even though we’ve been in the world of Zoom, Teams, and so many more, do you sometimes feel like you still don’t understand the basics? Or you would love the opportunity to practice a little bit more.

If that’s you, join us as we talk about the basics of Zoom and a few additional items you should know.

After our time together, you’ll have a better understanding of
1. Security
2. Setting up your Zoom space
3. Screening Sharing
4. Owning your digital space
5. And more

The truth and reality are that being online is not going anywhere. Therefore, it is up to you to joyfully lean into all that this space has to offer you. So that you continue to grow, prosper, and thrive. Use the link below to register and we’ll see you online!

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Feb 18 2021


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm



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