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How to Engage Your Audience

You may be thinking, I’ve been using Zoom for a while, and it’s functional. But is there more to it? How can I get my participants to engage more? Or is it all about presentations and chat?

If you’ve been asking yourself those questions and others, join us as we talk about the tools Zoom has built in to help you engage your audience. After our time together you’ll learn how to use:

1. Chat
2. Polls
3. Emojis
4. And more

to keep your audience, engage during your presentations. The truth and reality are that being online is not going anywhere. Therefore, it is up to you to joyfully lean into all that this space has to offer you. So that you continue to grow, prosper, and thrive. Use the link below to register and we’ll see you online!

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Feb 25 2021


3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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