February 2024

Start With A CRM


February 12, 2024 Start with a CRM Happy month of love! Happy Black History Month. February is a short, mighty month packed with a lot of great things into it. This month, we are talking about the basics. When I started Lady Jewel Co, I had two close friends who [...]

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January 2023



January 17, 2023 Resolutions Let me officially welcome you to the new year!! And I hope it has been a fantastic start to the new year especially if last year was a struggle and a bear. If you’re like me, you love the new year. And look at it as [...]


July 2022

Let’s Talk About Faith


July 29, 2022 Let's Talk About Faith Faith is one of those words that seems to have mystical powers attached to it. But faith isn’t mystical. It’s tangible, real, and plays a key role in your success. "Faith shows the reality of what we hope for; it is the evidence [...]

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June 2022

A Heart of Gratitude


June 14, 2022 A Heart of Gratitude For most of this year, I’ve been talking about shoring up your mind. The importance of having a success mindset. That where you want to go in life starts in your mind. That if you can clearly see and believe it, in your [...]

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May 2022

5 Areas to Spring Clean


May 20, 2022 5 Areas to Spring Clean We talk about spring when March hits, as if we talk about it often, it will arrive that much faster. The official first day of Spring was March 20. Know that because it's my Dad’s birthday and my parents’ anniversary (well done [...]

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3 Steps to Start a Business


May 20, 2022 3 Steps to Start a Business I’ve been asked, “I’m thinking of starting a business, so how do I start? Where do I start?” I have what I think is a great business idea, but I don’t know if it. I’m not sure who my people are. [...]

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February 2022

Galentine’s Day


February 11, 2022 Galentine's Day You may be wondering, why do I love Galentine’s Day so much. After all, it’s a created holiday from a Parks and Rec episode (first few minutes if you’re not a fan: season 2, episode 16) Because it’s about women celebrating the amazing women in [...]

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Have the Right Mindset ~ Build Your Tribe


Photo Credits ~ Timeless Present, M1 Media, Cyndi Hardy Photography Events ~ Event Ensemble Holiday Party, PHX Startup Week, Taste of the World International Food Festival February 04, 2022 Have the Right Mindset ~ Build Your Tribe The reason I love Galentine’s Day so much is that it's [...]

Have the Right Mindset ~ Build Your Tribe2022-02-04T16:16:23-07:00

December 2021

So…no to event planning?


Photo Credit ~ Timeless Present Event ~ PHX Startup Week at F.A.B.R.I.C. in Tempe AZ January 27, 2022 So... No more event planning? I've been asked by a few of you, Pearl what's going on? Did you say no to event planning? Are you no longer doing that? [...]

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Finding Christmas…


Photo Credit ~ Cyndi Hardy Photography Event ~ Event Ensemble Holidays Around The World at Chateau Luxe, Phoenix AZ December 23, 2021 Finding Christmas... I’ve been musing about the holidays since before Thanksgiving happened. When I found out that my last sibling was moving out of state and [...]

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