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Helping Build and Elevate Your Brand Through Events, Strategy, and Systems

At Lady Jewel, we are an innovative brand and event strategy firm bridging the gap in helping you tell your brand story and designing corporate events that showcase your brand to your clients.

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Building and Elevating Your Brand Through Events, Strategy, and Systems


Creativity: To provide new ideas and ways of thinking tailored to each of my clients’ needs
Graciousness: To be characterized by kindness, warm courtesy, tact, propriety, mercy, and compassion
Helpfulness: To care about and work toward the success of my clients
Honesty: To be fair, straightforward, and sincere in conduct and speech
Dear Lady Jewel, I cannot thank you enough for your help in making our events a big success. Your time management, skills and thoughtfulness far exceeded our expectations.
Grace Adewumi
Lady Jewel has done two events for my family. We had to coordinate over 50 people for one of the events and without her attention to detail and coordinated planning we would not have pulled off the event successfully. She always accommodates our wishes and we have a lot of fun working out the agenda details to meet a realistic schedule. Lady Jewel always finds a way to help make each event unique and special while still considering the ideas of her clients! She is a must have for your event planning needs!
Joy Canty
Lady Jewel is extremely hardworking, thoughtful, and thorough as an event planner & coordinator and treated my event as if it was her own. She is definitely the go-to girl whenever any one of us are planning a big event and has never let us down. She gives 150% every time and is always a pleasure to work with.
Hannah Nkendong
Lady Jewel was an instrumental part of our event four years ago. It was an early morning event, which in itself was different, but she worked with us. We had strict time constraints and tight parameters in which she had to work within. However, she was able to curtail things in order to adhere to our specifications, which we greatly appreciated. Even with our unique needs and difficult family members, she smiled and took it all and made the event a beautiful and memorable occasion.
Mary-Ruby Palm
Lady Jewel is an exceptional coordinator who has proven time and again how resourceful she can be. Her ability to ensure events run smoothly, despite any issues that may arise, is amazing. Her attention to detail and the client is superb, especially her ability to ensure events begin and end in a timely manner. Her take-charge attitude commands respect, and therefore, she gets everything done, resulting in nothing but a classy and beautiful occasion at the end of the day. I would highly recommend her for any and all events.
Esther Zufelt